Prep Your Land Rover For Winter Weather

February 15th, 2023 by

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Get Ready For Colder Temperatures In Shreveport

While the winter weather around Benton is relatively mild, the winter season is the perfect time for Land Rover maintenance. Our winter car care tips keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure that the vital components are in good working order.

Inspecting And Maintaining The Heating And Cooling System

After a long summer with the air conditioning running, winter is the perfect time to inspect and maintain your SUV’s climate control system. Our factory-trained and certified technicians at our service center can check the heating and cooling components in the cabin and under the hood.

When the cold temperatures arrive, you’ll want your heater and defroster to function. After our technicians inspect the compressor, blower, and other components, they can tell you what needs service. While checking your heating and cooling system, they can change your cabin air filter, which could be full of pollen, dust, and other road debris. Once the cabin air filter clogs, it becomes less efficient and can give your Land Rover cabin a musty and moldy smell.

Prepare Your Car For Winter With Routine Maintenance

The changing season is the perfect time for Range Rover and Land Rover routine maintenance. We offer online service scheduling so owners can conveniently arrange oil changes, tire rotations, and more. Our technicians recommend seasonal oil changes as many Land Rover vehicles benefit from a different type of oil when the temperatures drop.

Your routine maintenance should also include a battery check. Winter driving can put added pressure on your car battery. The Land Rover Shreveport technicians can inspect the battery and terminals to determine if your battery will last all winter.

We also recommend a routine fluid check. The experienced technicians can check your vehicle’s antifreeze, brake fluid, and washer fluid levels. They can also inspect your windshield wiper blades and replace them if they show excessive wear.

Your Land Rover needs proper tires for driving on snow and ice in the winter months. Our technicians can check your tire pressure and tread wear to determine if your tires will keep you on the road in the cold weather. If you head north for the winter, your service advisor can recommend snow tires or all-season tires to improve your winter driving experience.

Trust The Land Rover Service Center Near Greenwood, LA

Preparing your car for the winter season is easy when you choose the service center at Land Rover Shreveport. Our service technicians know the Land Rover and Range Rover models better than anyone in the area, and they only use genuine OEM parts for a precise fit in your exceptional, British SUV. Along with our dedicated service center, we carry parts and accessories just for Land Rover and Range models including winter tires and emergency kits.

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