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Is Your Lease Almost Up? Don’t Worry!

It’s been a glorious few years with your Land Rover, and the time is drawing near for you to return your Land Rover lease. What do you do now? What are your options? Many drivers often question what their options are and what choice is best for them when their lease comes to an end.

At Land Rover Shreveport, we’re your number one source for all your automotive needs. When your lease ends, allow us to walk you through the process and help you discover which options work best for your lifestyle.

Allow us to present you with your options and trust us to help you each step along the way; then find out why drivers in Shreveport, LA, Taylortown, and Greenwood, LA.

Here Are Your End Of Lease Options:

When your Land Rover lease is up, you’ll eventually have three options: buy your vehicle, lease, or purchase a new, or return the vehicle. Let’s explore these three options and discover which method is right for you:


If you absolutely love your Land Rover lease and your eyes welt up when you imagine parting ways with it, we have good news – you don’t have to!

When you first leased your Land Rover, your buyout price is detailed in your lease contract. This will be the price that you’ll pay if you decide to purchase your vehicle. If you need an auto loan, our Finance Center is more than happy to help! We work directly with Land Rover Financial Services, along with a network of finance allies to help you get on the road with affordable monthly payments.


If you’re ready to get out of your old lease and into a new vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Simply schedule your Land Rover lease return inspection and allow our experts to give your vehicle a once over to make sure that there is no excess wear, or excess mileage.

After the inspection, you’ll receive paperwork that will detail any fees incurred from damage or modifications or excess mileage. We recommend that you schedule this inspection 30 to 60 days before your lease ends.

Once your lease is over, we’d be happy to help you get in a new vehicle! Our finance center offers attractive specials that help you get on the road in a brand-new vehicle with affordable lease payments.


If you’re ready to hop out of your current lease, but not yet ready to get on the road in a new vehicle, simply return your current lease, and pay any fees that are due! We strive to make the process fast and easy!

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens!

At Land Rover Shreveport, we’re here to help you through your Land Rover Range Rover lease return process, and help you get on the road in a brand-new vehicle! We feature a wide selection of brand new Land Rovers for you to choose from, and we offer exceptional lease deals!

Explore our specials today and discover which Land Rover you’ll be taking home!

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