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Why come into the dealership when you can begin the process towards purchasing your dream Land Rover model online, from the comfort of your own home? We have several online tools for you to make the process of shopping for your next luxury SUV easier. Simply visit our new or used inventory online today to take advantage of these resources which can help you plan for the future and begin your journey towards automotive ownership.

How it Works

When you're viewing a new Land Rover or one of our used models, simply look towards the righthand side of your screen to see the many functionalities our website offers. You can choose whether your plan to lease or finance your Land Rover, and then fill out the other questions. You can fill in your asking price, the amount you'll be able to pay due at signing, as well as input your credit score range. By giving us this range, you can get a more accurate estimate of what you'll pay monthly.

If you're planning to lease, you can select the length of your lease and how many miles you'll drive per year. If you're planning to buy, you can also input your loan term and see the APR that accompanies that length of time. In this area of our listings, you can also calculate your trade-in, if applicable, as well as what you can expect to pay in taxes. Then, submit your offer to our finance team located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Get a Kickstart on Financing Your Car Online Today

Take a moment to explore our beautiful new inventory of the latest from Land Rover, as well as our used inventory spanning make and model. When you've decided on your ideal model, utilize out a spectrum of online tools to begin the purchasing process from the comfort of your sofa. Buying a car just became a lot simpler.